Makeup Monday


Let's talk makeup. I read an article recently all about the over-hyping of the smokey eye make up trend. Does anyone else want to stand up and applaud when they hear someone else say, "It's hype. You just like the idea, the perfectly-posed Instagram pictures." Cause I do! Don't get me wrong, I am all about incorporating drama into my makeup for the right time and occasion, but how often do we try out a style we're secretly not that excited about just because? Because peer pressure, because personal pressure, because Hollywood, because Vogue.


Well ladies, no more! There's just no reason to try out a beauty trend unless you are truly excited about it. So if you're on the fence about a certain look, do your research. There are more makeup tips, tricks, and tutorials online than our preteen minds could have ever fathomed. What a time to be alive!

Here are a few makeup tutorials I've been watching currently: 

All that said, I am a total hypocrite and tried out the nude lip trend just because I saw a cute influencer rocking a nude lip I loved on Snapchat. And lucky for me, once I tried it out I loved it and became obsessed. Stila's Stay All Day Liquid LIpstick in Baci is my current favorite (it's a gorgeous mauvey nude), has amazing staying power, and should be on everyone's Christmas wishlist.

What's your favorite makeup look for the holidays? Do you follow any YouTube Makeup Artists? Let me know in the comments!