Purses for Days

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker that I’ve been mulling over ever since, trying to decide my stance. The Subject: Purses. The Convo: how many we owned, and what's the rule for switching them out?

mg1RZTg (2).jpg

Seriously friends, why do we collect so many? So really this post is more of an open-ended question. I'm curious how often you switch out your bags. I don’t feel like I am the best at rockin’ a different fabulous purse every 2 months. I barely make time to shove a lipstick and my phone into whichever clutch best matches my accessories when headed to weddings/special events. It's never a priority to find the perfect clutch to go with the dress. 

My lack of purse variety is a bit of a shame, because I have a ton. I have 2 gorgeous Kate Spades I've gotten just this year which I have worn maybe two weeks total. Le sigh. What a waste! Maybe that’s why I’ve never been super obsessed with buying tons of purses, because I feel like a pretty designer bag can be a wardrobe staple for 6-7 months. Am I crazy, practical or lazy? Let’s be real, I wouldn’t have lasted 2 weeks in the atmosphere of the Devil Wears Prada since half my fashion choices are made in less than 10 minutes while my baby is clamoring for attention and my husband is rushing me out the door to help keep me on time.

So, I’m kicking this one to you guys. How often do you change out your purse? Do you have a different purse staple in each neutral? Post your purse strategies in the comments below.