Staying Resolute

blahblahblah bloggery jargon, new year buzzwords, new year new me, etc. etc. 

These two people constantly inspire me to be better, to grow, improve and never stop learning.

These two people constantly inspire me to be better, to grow, improve and never stop learning.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way we can get started. I haven't been posting much the past 2 weeks, because I've been busy working on all that I'm about to share. I've taken advantage of January 1 to come up with some new goals for myself. I haven't made New Years Resolutions since high school, and feel a bit silly sharing these but here I am. My pastor also preached a phenomenal sermon two Sundays ago about how sharing goals will help you stay accountable and ultimately achieve those goals. So here goes:

1. My Fitness: I have never needed to work out to be an ideal weight, my metabolism has always been beyond a blessing, and I have never felt comfortable talking about weight because I want it to be clear that I appreciate the body I have. But real talk: every single woman in the world has some body image issues. Period. It's just part of being a woman. And as far as my weight and metabolism, pregnancy changed my body in a big way. All of that to say, I have fitness goals and I'm excited to make them happen. I know I can achieve this first one: I have the 7 Minute Workout Challenge app on my phone (sadly only used perhaps 3 times in 2016 after purchasing), and I have decided to work out using this app for 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week, for 7 weeks. While slightly arbitrary (there's no definitive reason for working out 7 minutes a day for 49 days other than it sounds cool), I want to push myself to exercise more regularly. I also know it's a totally realistic, feasible goal. Shoot I look at social media for longer than 7 minutes a day! I don't have a weight goal, just the goal of losing a dress size so I can fit back into everything in my wardrobe (of course fashion is my underlining goal here!). And ultimately I always want to be able keep up with my already rambunctious little boy.

2. My Budget: Not sure how much to elaborate on this one other than: I need to spend less money. I have set for myself two spending limits. One for fun, meaning anything that I don't need (i.e. makeup and clothes) and one for work lunches. Looking back on 2016 I realized that I spent a lot of money eating out during the work week. As a working mom it's easy to be lazy and eat out every single day of the week, but I want to make an intentional effort to spend no more than the monthly budget I allocated

3. My Words: I have decided to be far more intentional about what I say. I want to be sure that anything I say about someone else, I would be more than ready to say to their face. While my reasons for creating this goal are personal, let's just say in 2016 I was reminded in a very real and painful way that words have huge impact.

So, what are your goals for 2017?