Things Eye Love


I want to talk to you about my latest obsession: eye palettes! I've been really into makeup and makeup tutorials for about the past 5-6 months, and my sweet hubby even bought me a makeup box subscription for Christmas: BoxyCharm (I'm full on obsessed, I cannot wait to get my January box, my December box was so great)! So, while it's a close tie which I'm more into at any given moment, finding the most dazzling highlighter or creating a bomb eye look, I decided to take this time to share the palettes which I've been having so much fun with the past month! Just click the image for product details/to purchase.

Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette: If you want the most show-stopping metallic shimmers, stop what you're doing and buy this palette! Bonus: the 4 matte shades in this palette are beautiful too. The only downside- buying this will convince you that you need every Lorac palette ever made (I've already spent all of my "Fun Money" for the month of January! Waah!).

Tartelette in Bloom: This palette has 9 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades. This brand is just my favorite makeup brand period. Cognizant of what's going inside it, while never delivering a product that can't hold up against the competition. And with this palette they've given us everything we need to create the most gorgeous smoked-out eye.

Pure Cosmetics Buff Collection Eyeshadow Palette: guys, this dupe of the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette is just gorgeous. I received this in my December BoxyCharm, and I cannot stop using it to create dreamy lavender eye looks. Its 12 rosy shades make me happy every time I pop it open. 

Now, full disclosure: I have never used an Urban Decay palette. There are two reasons for that: 1) Holy cow they're espensive! 2) I try to be pretty mindful of ingredients and I have never seen any reviews about Urban Decay that mention it as an ingredient-conscious brand. This Pure Cosmetics palette however is formulated without parabens, triclosans, silicone, or fragrance. And BONUS: it's never tested on animals. 

All of that to say, while it's obvious this product is a dupe, I can't really tell you how it compares to the Urban Decay version. Is it more pigmented? Does it have less fall-out? I have no idea. But I do love that it comes from a brand that pays attention to more than just those two things (aka what ingredients I'm putting on my eyelids!).

That's all for now loves! What's your favorite eye palette?