Getting Graphic


I love a graphic tee. For times when I feel lazy, when I'm in a rush, or if its just Casual Friday, throwing on a great graphic t-shirt lets me make a statement with minimal effort. And as a mom, that is a beautiful thing.

No matter the reason, count a t-shirt day as a win! Here are some of my favorite reasons to get graphic:

1. March Madness The awesome t-shirt pictured that says "BEAT THE OTHER TEAM!" was a birthday gift from my husband's best friend and his wife. They saw it and immediately thought of me, because well, I'm not exactly into sports. But I do go to a lot of games, because my husband loves sports. So what better to wear? I can wear it to any game, no matter the sport. BONUS: it's just the thing to help me survive March Madness! You can purchase it online here.

2. Brunching So Hard My favorite part of any weekend: the Brunch Hour. if you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good brunch (#basic). And it's a great occasion to look "slouchy chic" in your favorite graphic tee. I love that wearing a fun t-shirt, makes a statement for you! No need to ever even open your mouth. You get to make an introduction statement before you even say hello.

3. Errand Boy Who wants to squeeze into something a size too small (don't act like I"m the only one who does this!) for a quick trip to the grocery store or dry cleaners? Not I! I much prefer a t-shirt -- paired with jeans, sweatpants, or (for the moms who want to make all of us other moms look bad) a maxi skirt -- not all t-shirts have to be ugly!

Most of the t-shirts pictured above are no longer available online, so here a few on my current wish list: