Fearless Females: Christina Ochoa

Happy Friday beauties! Another weekend is on our horizon, and I am not mad about it. I love spending time with my boys and this recent weather in South Texas is perfect for walks and playground adventures with my insanely energetic toddler. Today I am thrilled to share with you a new installment of the blog interview series I started to highlight women in my community who I respect, admire or just generally aspire to emulate. I have several lined up for this month and couldn't be more stoked about them!

This week I'm delighted to feature a local entrepreneur and fellow blogger I had the pleasure to meet after getting involved in the San Antonio blogging community (an amazing community of men and women who happily share their knowledge to help others succeed. Just one of the many reasons I love San Antonio). I absolutely respect her drive for success and her ability to snap in public with absolutely no fear (I think I may be the only #influencer in the world who feels silly talking to my phone in public)! So, without further ado, I am proud to introduce someone who may love coffee as much as I do:

Q: Tell my readers a little bit about yourself!

A: Hi,  I'm Christina, founder of The Social Butterfly Gal. I'm an event + social media strategist helping local businesses & lifestyle brands strategize + generate a buzz online.  In between the sips of coffee, social media notifications and writing, you will find me living up to my brand name-being a social butterfly; attending various networking and local events around San Antonio, TX. 

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Q: I have so much respect for you as a young professional killing it in the San Antonio media/marketing/influencer field. Tell my readers a little bit about your blog, how it began, and the goals you have for your career.

A: The Social Butterfly Gal was created in August of 2014. Back then, I was using it as a lifestyle blog to document the PR internship I was doing at the time. When the internship ended,  I was hired by a PR Consultant to provide social media management for her clients. I didn't want to let go of the work I had done on the blog so I continued to write as a lifestyle blogger.  Then came one of the biggest decisions ever to happen in my life. I was noticing a need for social media strategy. After careful thought and constant prayer, I  took a leap of faith and launched my  social media strategy business. Because I already had a brand name and had been doing a lot of networking as The Social Butterfly Gal, I decided to stop lifestyle blogging and re-brand into a full-time business owner. I officially launched in June of 2015 and for the past two years have been conducting events & social media strategy for local businesses & lifestyle brands. Now my blog focuses on social media and business tips that go hand-in-hand with the services I provide. I see The Social Butterfly Gal continuing to grow and in the future I hope to be hosting conferences, participating in panels and would like to publish a few self-help books for teens girls and young women. 

Q: What is the most encouraging thing you have been told/read as a powerful female in your industry?

A:  There have been many things that have stuck with me through my journey. One of the most encouraging things that has ever been said to me was, "Progress over perfection." I'm a perfectionist. PERIOD. and it sucks. Entrepreneurship has taught me SO many lessons as well as being comfortable with being uncomfortable. From the outside, it looks like you're killing it. But inside your own mind, you can just be praying to get through the month without an anxiety attack. I've learned to be appreciative of the SMALL and big victories as well as all the failures. I don't see the failures as failures, I see them as growth opportunities.

Q: How would you describe your personal style? 

A: My personal style is peppy, bubbly and fun! I'm a colorful girl and love anything that screams HAPPINESS!  

NOTE FROM HOPE: If I had to describe Christina's style I would liken it to the style of Mindy Kaling's character in "The Mindy Project". It is girly #goals.

Q: If you were an article of clothing, what would you be and why?

A: If I was an article of clothing I would be a dress. It's one item and you can accessorize it as often as you like! 

NOTE FROM HOPE: Yes! As a style choice, the dress is completely underrated. It makes life so much easier.

Q: What person in your life has influenced your personal style the most and why?

A: My grandma Gora was my role model and has had a HUGE influence in my life and in my style. She was always dressed up with her hair done, lipstick on and in pearls. She was the life of the party and always made strangers feel welcome. She was ready to lend a hand if someone needed it and was always praying for people she didn't even know. She was and will forever be my angel! 

Q: Share anything else you'd like about your career, style, or goals.

 A: I love to help others. Which is why I launched The Social Butterfly Gal. As I continue to grow in my business and as a woman I hope at the end of this I've made an impact and have inspired young women to dream the impossible and make things happen! 

That's all for now beauties! If you know of anyone who deserves a special shout-out for all the fabulous things they do/embody, be sure to nominate them in the comments below.