Valentine's Day Gifting

Friends, it's that time. That overly hyped, Hallmark-holiday that we all love yet hate. That's right, I'm talking about Valentine's Day


Because this is a holiday that I stress out about every year, seeking to find the perfect gift (not too much + something that my boo will appreciate and love) I have put together His vs. Hers gift ideas! Because we all know we don't want our bae to be shopping for us in Walgreen's, on their lunch break, day of. So don't you be that person either! Check out my ideas below, and if there are any great gift ideas I left off my list, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Oh- and the gifts for men were compiled with the help of my father-in-law & brother-in-law, so a bunch of manly men have signed off on each of the ideas below. 


  • An Experience: This is my absolutely favorite idea, because it involves more than an item a person can toss aside or forget about. It's about creating a new experience with the person you love! My top recommendations are: 1) a TopGolf gift certificate 2) An iFly experience (in-door skydiving) and 3) if all else fails, check out this list of ideas Groupon curated
  • A Yeti Tumblr: This is a great option that falls on the lower-end of the price spectrum. Equivalent to the cost of a bouquet of flowers, this is totally man-tested, outdoorsmen approved and would be great for someone you've only been with for a short while.
  • Spurs Gift Set: This is a bit more of a craftsy idea, for the lady who loves a project. Put together some fun unique Spurs items (some Tim Duncan cheerios, a Greg Popovich meme t-shirt, a throwback Spurs baseball cap, and maybe a cute keychain or car decal), pop it into a black and gray basket (or even purchase a basket at the Dollar Store and spray paint to your crafty hearts content) and VOILA! you will impress your Spurs loving man. #GSG #PuroSanAntonio


  • Perfume: Most likely the most expensive of my gift ideas, this one will also involve a little detective work. Most of you can figure out what your lady's favorite perfume is from A) checking her medicine cabinet/bathroom (in a sneaky fashion of course) or just asking her mom or BFF!
  • Flowers: Really, does this need an explanation? Every woman loves flowers, and PRO TIP- you get bonus points if they're delivered. I don't know why, but knowing your boo went out of his way to schedule a delivery just makes a lady feel extra special. These are great no matter how long
  • A home-cooked candlelight dinner: This one is so simple, but your lady will appreciate it every bit as much as a fancy night out on the town, guaranteed. It makes us feel good knowing the amount of time and preparation put into planning a special dinner (b/c trust me, we know), making an extra trip to the store (or two, depending on your culinary abilities LOL), dimming the lights and making everything just right. PRO TIP- if your dinner has a theme that corresponds with something you both enjoy together (i.e. foods that are eaten on Game of Thrones), your lady will swoon! It impresses us so much when you pay attention to what we love and put some extra special details into our gifts. And for the married men reading this (so what, all 2 of you? LOL) cleaning up afterwards needs to be included!