Fashionable Eats: Springtime Edition


Today I want to talk with you about my second favorite hobby (the first being shopping of course): EATING. Not only do I love eating, but I love talking about where I love to eat (just me?). So what places do I visit when I want to eat in style? Below are a few of my favorite places in San Antonio and the pros & cons of dining there. Because, let's face it, I have never encountered a perfect restaurant. If you have, please stop everything you're doing and comment below to let me know what it is. I will visit immediately.


    • Pros: Their JapaMex fusion menu is out of this world. Completely unique, inventive pairings coupled with always fresh ingredients. And their staff is more than accommodating (when I was pregnant and specified in my order that I needed clean knives be used so no raw seafood touched my order, they went out of their way to confirm they had done so when I arrived to pick it up).
    • Cons: Their dining space is pretty limited. I have yet to visit during "rush hours" but can imagine it gets uncomfortably packed during peak times. 


    • Pros: Delicious traditional Italian food with a pleasant ambiance (I love the Eilan location, afterwards you can stroll around or drive just down the road to La Cantera for some shopping). They even have a delicious zucchini noodle dish for those watching their carb intake. Their oil dipping sauce is next-level delicious, I honestly fill up on bread before my entree can even arrive. every. single. time. Le Sigh.
    • Cons: Parking at the Eilan can be tricky. Plan to valet or else expect a walk.


    • Pros: I have yet to try anything on the menu I didn't like (cocktails included). The chef likes to do fun twists on traditional favorites. Their pear salad and lamb kebabs are my two current favorites. Served up family style, your server will always recommend ordering multiple plates and sharing with the table. Makes the experience even more fun (I KNOW I'm not the only one who likes to steal food from other people's plates)!
    • Cons: The acoustics when you dine inside are pretttty awful. Like, shouting-at-your-dinner-partners-when-the-tables-around-you-are-talking awful. I recommend eating outside, therefore I am sad to say I don't recommend this restaurant during the summer months. AKA 70% of the San Antonio year...


    • Pros: Best lunch spot in San Antonio. Serving "classic American fare" their sandwiches are delightful and every detail of the menu has been perfected (from their freshly made fries to their housemade dressings).
    • Cons: Just like YellowFish, the dining space here is pretty limited. Lunch time can get hectic. I recommend part of your party arrive just a few minutes before the rest in order to stake out a table during the lunch rush.


    JT and I both love Down on Grayson!

    JT and I both love Down on Grayson!

    Down on Grayson

    • Pros: Delicious food, divine atmosphere (without being over-the-top hipster. I mean, sometimes I feel if I see one more bartender in a leather apron I will scream. Is that just me?), and hands down the best strawberry cake I have ever eaten.
    • Cons: No changing table anywhere to be found! It is insane to me that restaurants don't accommodate families with babies. How is that still a thing that happens?

    Be sure to comment below and let me know your favorite place to eat in San Antonio!