Fearless Females: Tara George, Founder of Le Mew Baby

Happy Friday beauties!

It's time for another installment of Fearless Females. My first few posts will be dedicated to ladies killing it in the fashion industry while living right here in South Texas. A) Because Texas needs to be known for more than western wear! and B) because these ladies didn't have to travel to NYC, LA, or Chicago to create thier place in the world of fashion. And that makes my heart so happy. So please allow me to introduce you to my coworker, Tara George. She is a superhero. She is a mama to two sweet girls, works full-time in the advertising industry, AND owns Le Mew Baby, an online store for fashionable littles, 0-6 years old.

Tara and her two cutie pies.

Tara and her two cutie pies.

Tara describes Le Mew Baby as "an alternative to the sugary sweet clothing found in many baby clothing retailers." Their items are eclectic and precious without incorporating stereotypes or trite sayings. She is one of the individuals who motivated me to finally begin this little blog of mine. After hearing her share that she was running an online store without skipping a beat at her full-time job I thought to myself, "Wow. She had an idea and followed through. I have wanted to start a blog for 2 years, but still haven't done it... It may never be the "perfect time". I may never have the "perfect photos". But it's high time I do the thing I've been dreaming about! Tara's doing it and so can I!"

So sit back, make a coffee, and get to know another inspiring lady I am so glad I know:

Q: How would you introduce yourself to my blog fam?

A: I am a determined and hard working wife and mother to two girls ages 2 and 4.  I absolutely LOVE being a mother to girls and watching them learn and grow each day is mind blowing at times!  I love traveling and learning about other cultures.  My favorite places are Tokyo and London and i'm always dreaming about the next trip!  I LOVE food...all types.  I moved to San Antonio 8 years ago and would eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner if i could!  I love fashion and am constantly on the lookout for good deals for me and my girls.  I find that shopping is such a great way for me to unwind and relax, especially if i'm kid free. Add lunch and a glass of wine to that and you've got the perfect afternoon!  For me, finding the perfect balance of family-time and me-time is key!

Q: How do we know each other?

A: We work together and just happen to be birthday buddies!  Note from Hope: How cool is it that we have the exact same birthday?! Basically the coolest.

Q: I have so much respect for you as an entrepreneur in the fashion/retail industry. Tell my readers a little bit about Le Mew Baby and the inspiration behind opening your online store.

A: When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I wanted to stock her wardrobe with the cutest little outfits.  The problem was, I'm not a big fan of what I was seeing in every baby store I walked into: ruffles, bright pinks, characters, etc.  I wanted her to wear more subdued modern colors and prints, more sophisticated fashion.  So, I turned to the Internet and that's where the worlds of baby and ultimately children's fashion was waiting for me with open arms!  I found that small specialty shops were the way to go.  The more shops I discovered, the more I felt compelled to curate my own collections with all of my favorite brands.  I wanted to bring brands from all over the world together and share them with other mamas, letting them know that there are more options than the pink ruffles and character tees.  I did months of research and finally dove in.  That's when Le Mew Baby was born.  The name Le Mew Baby reflects my love of Europe (France) and my love for cats :)

Q: As a mother of 2 girls, what values will you emphasize the most in your household and how will you describe and/or teach them? 

A: Love is the most important.  I want my girls to know they are loved and know that they should express their love.  I kiss and squeeze my girls as much as I can and tell them I love them a million times a day.  I hug my husband, hold his hand, and make sure we express our love for each other for the girls to see.  I want them to feel free to express their love. 

Another important value I want to instill in the girls is consideration/empathy.  I try to express my feelings to them honestly. And I make sure to ask both of them how they're feeling.  I want them to understand feelings and emphasize that we should be considerate of other people because we might not know what they're feeling.  Maybe that girl in your class bit you because she is feeling sad no one plays with her.  I want them to be caring and have empathy for the people around them.

Q: What is the most encouraging thing you have been told/read as a parent?

A: I always feel encouraged after reading mom blogs or talking to my mommy friends and hearing honesty about all that raising children brings.  I feel relieved to know that other mamas are going through the same exact things:  "Did I yell at the girls too much today?  Should they be eating that packaged snack?  Should I follow her around the playground so she doesn't fall?"  Through friendships and the power of the Internet, I find so many people I can relate to!

Q: How would you describe your personal style? 

A: I would describe it as "mom chic".  I TRY to at least look and feel somewhat cute when I leave the house.  On most days you can find me wearing distressed jeans, tee and sandals or sneaks or a comfy summer dress.  I love stalking all the fashionable mamas on Instagram and finding out where they shop.  There's a sizable gap in the way I dress and the way I WANT to dress.  So, I'm trying to get there little by little.  Note from Hope: Girl, aren't we all??

Thanks for reading! Be sure to stay tuned for more #FearlessFemales.