Fearless Females: Taylor Mobley

Hello beauties and Happy Friday! 

Today is the first installment of a blog series I am honored to bring you. I want to take the time to stop and celebrate just a few of the fabulous, fearless women in my world. Because why don't we celebrate more of the amazing ladies around us on a regular basis? Down with the negativity! Let's end the "mean girls" attitudes and snuff out the unnecessary drama. I don't want to live in a culture of comparison. I want to celebrate strong female leaders! I want to encourage and uplift the women around me. So I have taken the time to reach out to several women that I respect and admire with the goal of inspiring you. Read on beautiful!

My first (virtual) interview is with the GORGEOUS Taylor B. Mobley, recent Trinity graduate & Associate Producer with SA Living of News 4 San Antonio. After seeing her in a video my husband produced, I felt a twinge of intimidation. And upon meeting her and seeing her authenticity & sweet spirit, all of that melted away in an instant. She lights up a room while making you feel truly special. It was my honor to feature her on my humble blog. So without further ado, I give you Taylor:

Photo Credit: Anh-Viet Dinh Photography

Photo Credit: Anh-Viet Dinh Photography

Q: Tell my readers a little bit about yourself.

I am a Texas native who graduated from Trinity in May with a degree in Communication and Theatre.  Now, I am an Associate Producer for the San Antonio Living morning show.  All my life, I have been passionate about theatre, but when I went to college, I knew I wanted to find something to pair it with.  Communication snuck up on me Sophomore year when I found myself in three communication classes, working as a tour guide in the Admissions office, and loving my involvement with our University news station, Tiger TV.  All of these experiences lead me to understand that Communication, specifically broadcast journalism, was the field I wanted to pursue.  It is funny because I have Trinity to thank for the position I’m in currently.  I was an intern in the Admissions office my Junior year and one of the counselors was told to appear on a San Antonio Living segment to promote the upcoming career fair.  She called me to her office as soon as she found out because she was nervous.  Knowing this was my field of interest, she asked me to join her on the show to offer a student’s perspective and put her nerves at ease.  This experience is one I will never forget because it reminded me why I love the connections made at Trinity, and it opened my eyes to the television industry and left me hopeful to find my place there.  While I am definitely not settled within the industry, I feel I am exactly where I need to be and growing in ways I never imagined.  I am creative and driven and this career field compliments my skills.  At times, adjusting to adulthood is difficult, but no risk, no reward – right? It will all be worth it.

Q: How do we know each other? 

After I met your husband, Taylor, while filming a video for Trinity, he connected us. He said you would be a perfect model for my new fashion segment, considering you have a blog and a mutual love for fashion.  He was right!  You have great legs, he has a great name. It was all just meant to be! 

Q: I have so much respect for you as a recent college graduate killing it in the San Antonio journalism/media field. Tell my readers a little bit about Taylor'd for You, how it began, and the goals you have for your career.

Thank you!  Taylor’d For You was created for two reasons.  First, because I love fashion.  Plain and simple.  It is a beautiful, honest form of expression that everyone can find themselves in.  But I also wanted to establish myself as "on-air talent”.  This segment allowed me to make fashion my beat on San Antonio Living and allowed viewers to identify me within the fashion world.  Ultimately I want to work for a national station that has a nice balance of lifestyle and news (such as the Today Show) or my own talk show.  Whichever comes first!

Q: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment, as a woman and as a person?

My greatest accomplishment as a woman and a person is knowing my worth.  I feel many struggle with this, especially today, when the media can make women – and minorities- feel lesser than.  It can weigh you down and cause a never ending cycle of self-doubt.  I am thankful I was raised in a positive environment where I was constantly lifted up, encouraged, and reminded that I should never settle for less than I deserve.  Not just in my job but in relationships & friendships, as well as spiritually and emotionally.  Once you know your worth, you make decisions to stand for all that you are and all that you are becoming.  Are there times when I lose sight of it or need to remind myself?  Of course.  But I know it’s there and I know that what I deserve will surely come my way as long as I remain true to my worth.

Q: If you were an article of clothing, what would you be and why?

Hat. Does that count?  Hopefully…because that’s my final answer! When I studied abroad in London, I bought a black fedora hat at one of my favorite stores, Prinmark.  This store is basically a fusion of Walmart and Forever 21….in other words, a dream come true.  I wore the hat so much abroad, a few people noted that it was “my thing”.  Fast forward to now, my hat collection has certainly grown, but the black hat will always mean the most to me.  You can ask my coworkers- I wear it WAY too much, but I also regret nothing.

Q: What person in your life has influenced your personal style the most and why?

My mom.  Growing up, whenever we were shopping for a dance, event, etc, she would always stress and reiterate the importance of dressing my age and remaining classy.  It became redundant, however, now it’s all I think about.  For whatever reason, some girls in this generation think less is more, but I truly disagree. Honoring your body and letting your confidence shine through will take you farther than showing skin. Class is timeless.

Share anything else you'd like about your career, style, or goals. As a journalist, you probably could've written these interview questions far better than I did! Ha!

I am so honored you wanted to hear my story. Truly! Answering these questions was a fun, almost therapeutic exercise, so I can’t wait to read about the other amazing women you are highlighting. I think what you’re doing is amazing. You inspire me.

Thanks for reading! Comment below to let me know who I should interview next.