Date Night: A Marriage Essential

Hello blog fam! 

I'm writing this after enjoying my first full 8 hours of sleep in a week! I CAN CONQUER ANYTHING! Gotta love that #MomLife LOL - but seriously, isn't it amazing what a great night's sleep can do for you? Alternatively, today I want to talk about how a great date night can do wonders for you as well. I am a firm believer in dating. But I'm not writing this to all the single ladies. This post is aimed at the marrieds. Husbands/Wives: I'm lookin at you. I am by NO means a marriage expert. I am going on a measly 4 years of #MarriedLife. But I don't think it takes an expert to tell you that a time to reconnect, flirt, and converse is essential to keeping a marriage healthy and both partners feeling secure/safe. I've seen it recommended in book after book and resource after resource. I've heard pastors, counselors, and mentors repeat the same thing: don't stop dating your spouse.

And, my favorite tradition with Taylor: a #DateNight selfie (even when the lighting is awful)!

And, my favorite tradition with Taylor: a #DateNight selfie (even when the lighting is awful)!

Taylor and I have a firm one-date-per-month policy. Do we always stick to it? No, some months are crazier than others. Some months, work events or weddings count as dates. But that's the beauty of marriage, when you love the one you're with, even a trip to the grocery store can be special and full of flirting (no seriously, the cutest flirting idea I've ever seen on social media was a husband putting flowers in his wife's shopping cart when she wasn't looking. I mean stawwwwp, we're all jealous already). 

So I want to take this opportunity to share a few recommendations for fun/festive date nights right here in the Alamo city. And of course, be sure to keep in mind your spouses' likes/dislikes when considering these!

Picnic in the Park: This is one of the sweetest ideas, while also the most simple and least expensive! So what I'm trying to say is: it's the thought that counts. When a spouse puts time and effort into a date, no matter how simple, it gives us the feels!

The Pearl: This collection of shops and restaurants is great for a day date on Saturday or Sunday mornings when you can enjoy their great farmer's market (I have gone several times, but never with Taylor because he is NOT a morning person. Which will just make it all the sweeter when he and I finally get to go enjoy it together). Another way to enjoy this local spot (and Taylor's preferred method) is a night out, enjoying one of the many amazing restaurants throughout (Down on Grayson, The Granary, La Gloria) and stopping by a bar for a nightcap (Blue Box or Jazz, TX).

The Riverwalk: I love to go downtown and channel my inner tourist. On the main stretch my two favorite places are Paesano's and Casa Rio, but if you're willing to walk off the beaten patch, OCHO at Hotel Havana has a bomb menu! Super unique and always delicious.

Sports! There's really no excuse to not channel your inner sports fan covered in body paint considering how many amazing sports teams we have here in SA. The Spurs, the Stars, the Rampage, and the San Antonio FC all mean there's something for everyone. A pro-tip for the not-so-crazed-sports-fans who really just want a night to unwind: there's alcohol at all of these events! And guarantee your man will give you bonus points for suggesting a date that incorporates alcohol + sports (at least, mine does!).

Couch Cuddles: This one feels so unbelievably cheesy to type, but there is something so sweet and comforting about playing home bodies and catching one of our favorite shows (Brooklyn 99, Last Man on Earth, or the newest Netflix Original Series). 

That's all for now. Go steal a kiss from your love, but first leave your fav date night locale in the comments below!