Mother's Day Hints / May Shopping List

Hello beauties,

I have missed you all! Life update: I am finally back to feeling like myself after getting a stomach virus last weekend. Then there was the added bonus of JT coming down with a cold Wednesday (he is well on his way to recovery guys, no worries). Sooooo yea... I've had better weeks. But with Jesus and coffee, I got through it! So onward and upward. I wanted to take a minute on this Saturday to put together my Mother's Day wish list and all of the items I've been adding to my shopping cart during my late night, online window shopping. Please tell me I'm not the only one who "Adds Items to Cart" with absolutely no intention of purchasing them (I read somewhere that act releases endorphins). Most of them I know aren't in my budget for the month, and the rest I'm just holding off on in the hopes that Taylor (aka Mr. Hope for Fashion, HA!) will buy it this Mother's Day. So read on to discover what's currently on my wish list. But first -- here are some recent pics of JT and I, just because I can.

Me and the cutie pie who made me a mommy.

Me and the cutie pie who made me a mommy.

  1. A day to sleep in! I think this one speaks for itself. As mama to a toddler, sleep is the one thing I covet in the lives of the childless!!! (Alternatively, I would accept a day of pampering. I did just see that The Pearl has a new spa. Have any of you guys visited yet?)
  2. Laser Hair Removal - Honestly, I know this isn't the sexiest thing to talk about, but I've been wanting laser hair removal on my legs for a few months now. Have you done it? If so, be sure to comment below and let me know how your experience went, if you would recommend it, and where you got it done!
  3. Shoes - I just wouldn't feel right bringing you a wish list without some killer shoes. Here are a few of my current favs and the name of the game: espadrilles: flamingo espadrilles, floral, strappy espadrilles, Tory Burch slip ons, and these lace up cuties.
  4. Cold Shoulder Blouses - This is one of my favorite trends for summer since it shows off some skin while still allowing me to wear a bra with straps. Off the shoulder tops are trending like crazy, but let's be real -- my postpartum girls are not about that strapless life. So here a few of my favorite alternatives: Gibson Girls Top, Cold Shoulder Bow Sleeve, this Tie Shoulder Print Top, & an adorable Chambray Cold Shoulder
  5. Casual Graphic Tees - If you're a regular to this little blog, you know about my current love affair with graphic tees. And the more rushed mornings I have (basically every morning as a mommy), the more grateful I am to the creators of these graphic cuties: Lips & Lashes Tee, Tequila Sunrise Lace-up, Cold Shoulder Tee (best of both worlds!), & this Camo Cutie
  6. Makeup - Tarte's Make Believe in Yourself Eye Palette and Magic Wands Brush Set (known online as the "Unicorn Collection"), I've almost bought both of these about 3 times, but I'm holding out -- at least until Mother's Day.
  7. Skincare - Tarte's Ready, Set Radiant Skin Mist and Drink of H2O Moisturizer. If it seems like I am a Tarte fangirl, I am. I absolutely love the fact that this brand focuses on ingredients without missing a beat in terms of quality. Their products can compete with any other high-end makeup brand, and that is pretty tough to find in the world of natural beauty.

What's on your wish list? Be sure to comment below what you've been eyeing (or your laser hair removal experience)!