Fathers: The Unsung Heroes


I wanted to write this post for no other reason than to shine a light on a group of people in our society who are often overlooked or worse, portrayed as goofy and clueless. I'm looking at the dads of the world. I'm looking at the guys who work multiple jobs to provide, who soothe worried moms, who carry passed out kids from the car to the crib, who stay up late to balance the checkbook. I don't know if every dad in every family does these things, but most men do at least a few, and Taylor does them all. I do not thank him enough.

The two cutest.

The two cutest.

I have a few verses that I want to share with you today. They share just a few attributes of faith demonstrated by the dads in my sweet toddler's life. Yesterday I was blessed to be surrounded by not 1 but THREE amazing fathers who all care so much for JT; they would take a bullet for him in a HEARTBEAT. My baby's first name is James, after his Great-Granddad James, so I thought it was only appropriate to share verses from that book of the Bible. James is also a father (the dad of my sweet father-in-law, Tom) who I've never met, but I owe so incredibly much, and who I love and admire.

James 2:18 (about demonstrating faith through action). This verse speaks to all the times dads aren't the best at articulating, but will show their love and godliness through kind deeds, putting others first, or helping the ones around us who are in need.

James 5:20 (about turning a sinner from the error of their ways) Is it just me or are many Dads the disciplinarians of the family? They are able to demonstrate godly love by giving godly, firm correction to their family and friends. It's something many of us dread, but ultimately helps to shape the ones we love into stronger, better people. Where would any of us be without correction when we're traveling down the wrong path or making the wrong choice?

James 5:11 (about endurance/perseverance) Taylor, thank you for having an ocean of patience with JT when I need it the most. Thank you for stepping in when I'm at my wit's end and start to feel like screaming/ripping my hair out. Thank you for having patience during all of the family conflicts we've had over the past year. I continue to learn so much from your leadership. I respect you so very much. Thank you for choosing me. 

As I've very openly mentioned before, this whole parenting journey I'm on is pretty overwhelming. I have not a clue what I'm doing. But God is constantly reminding me to look around. JT has amazing men and fathers in his life. Those are the examples he will see on a daily basis. Each of them will lead and shape him based on their own gracious, godly lives. And that gives me so much hope for JT's future. 

I hope you had a blessed Father's Day. And if you had a rough Father's Day yesterday, I prayed for you. Your Heavenly Father loves you without condition, lean on Him today.