My Summertime Closet Purge


It's that time of year. Usually my closet purges come in the Spring, when I'm in full-on Spring-Cleaning mode. But I have not purged my closet since getting pregnant, because my sizes have fluctuated GREATLY in the past 2+ years. But lately, the clothing piles have been growing. And growing, and growing...

Someone recently told me I should write a blog about re-purposing clothing, but that's not really my speed. My speed is more taking-bags-of-old-stuff-to-Goodwill and letting someone else re-purpose it, ha (I mean, one time I cut a sundress in half and used the bodice as a top and the skirt portion as a wrap scarf, but that is the sole extent of my re-purposing adventures)! 

So here are a few things I'm getting rid of, just in case you're as nosy as I am. And for the extra nosy, check out my Poshmark closet and pick up some of my old favs.

A quick raiding of my Postmark closet

A quick raiding of my Postmark closet

  1. A Bunch of Button-Downs: In my college years, I almost always found myself picking up button downs at resale stores, with the reasoning that I would rock them in my internship/office life. But honestly, button downs just aren't my jam. I love them on other people, I just NEVER find myself reaching for the super cute ones I own. Better for me to pass them on to someone who will love them and get tons of use out of them.
  2. Too Small Skirts: I have told myself for almost 2 years now that I will be back into my pre-baby XS. Butttt... is that really gonna happen in the near future? Probably not. So by the time I get to that goal, I'm guessing the majority of my favorite super small skirts will be off-trend. Time to move on and embrace the mom-phase I'm in now. Just not with mom jeans. #never
  3. Random Bags (Handbags / Travel Bags): I really don't travel enough to justify having 4 bags that are all the same size, and I know that my few name brand designer handbags will pull in some cash when I sell them on Poshmark.

I think the excessive items I'll purge next are my costume jewelry and my high heels. However, I also have a ton of business/work wear that I purchased in my XS days that probably won't fit me anytime soon...

What do you think I should purge next? Be sure to comment below!