Fearless Females: Kara Wilde

Happy Friday Beauties!

I hope your week has been fabulous and full of reminders that you're loved.  ❤️  Today, I am so honored to share with you an interview of one of my dearest friends in the world. Her name is Kara and she is beautiful, brilliant, and amazingly creative. Kara inspires me in so many ways. Her love of people and relationships over things is a stark contrast to many I know. She has so many qualities I aspire to cultivate in my own life. Her and her husband are free spirits who take to adventures like fish to water. Their futures are so bright; I am honored to call them friends. Read on to get to know her and be sure to follow her and her cute hubby on Instagram, @wandercreativeco, to stay up-to-date on their current California escapades!

Her personal IG is full of even more beautiful photography: @kara.wilde

Her personal IG is full of even more beautiful photography: @kara.wilde

Hope: Tell my readers a little bit about yourself.

Kara: I’m Kara, a twenty-something female with a love for traveling and great food.  For the past couple years I have been working in education.  I have a passion for working with underprivileged youth.  When I’m not at work you can find me crafting, taking pictures, or Netflix binging.

I’m married to Ben who is an amazing creator.  Seriously -- he creates cabinets, 3D printers, and buildings.  We love to use our combined talents to work on/renovate our previous house and our current home (an Airstream).

(Note from Hope: "Plot twist! They just moved to California and made the decision to live in an Airstream for practical/financial reasons and to live a more intentional life. Bold move. I was so intrigued when I learned about their decision. That is one of the reasons I'm interviewing her here. It gave me a great excuse to be really nosy about their novel living situation." 😏)

Hope: How do we know each other?

Kara: We met in college during an interior design class.  We bonded while pulling many all-nighters in the design lab. We still joke about how delusional we were at four in the morning while we tried to save everything before the computers rebooted.

(Note from Hope: "Note to self, Kara has so so many embarrassing stories about me from that time in my life...")

Hope: I am in awe of your travels to date, all before the age of 30! Tell me a little bit about how you and your hubby caught the travel bug and your travels to date.

Kara: In college my husband (then boyfriend) and I decided to participate in a mission trip to Thailand. After marriage and graduation, we went back and ended up living there for a full year working with a local church. That really introduced us to international travel. To date we have traveled to Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica. We are both awful planners and tend to purchase plane tickets and make plans once we get to the country. Once we were able to obtain standby passes from a pilot friend and we literally showed up to the airport without knowing where we would go. We were trying for Germany, but Costa Rica had open seats so we hopped on that plane. 

Hope: Tell my readers a little bit about how your journey lead you to move to LA from Texas, and why you will be living in an air-stream.

Up until last week we were living in Austin, TX. My husband received a really awesome job offer in LA, and we decided to take it. We lived in Los Angeles a year ago for his internship. While in LA, a large part of our income was spent on housing. Our apartment was tiny and not well designed. When my husband received the job offer we were hesitant due to the housing situation. We started to wrestle with the idea of using the Airstream we had purchased a couple months as our home. We figured we could design it the way we wanted it, and make it into a really functional place. The Airstream idea soon transformed from a dream to reality. 

Hope: When you told me that you would be living in an Airstream, my first thought was "How?!" How have you de-cluttered and organized your possessions to make an Airstream lifestyle your reality? Did you have a certain question you asked yourself about all your possessions?

Kara: I was really nervous about getting all of our stuff into the Airstream.  While going through our stuff we really had to decide what we absolutely needed.  We incorporated a lot of storage into the bed and seating area.  We were able to bring all the camping gear we wanted, my camera and accessories, and I even have a craft drawer!  It really made us think what was important to us.  When deciding what to bring I asked myself these questions:

  • Is it useful?
  • Is it in good shape?
  • Does it bring me joy?
  • Do I use it on a regular basis?

Hope: How much closet space does your air-stream have? How many square feet is your air-stream?

Kara: I have two (TWO) feet of hanging closet space! The Airstream is 210 square feet (insert gasp of shock from Hope here) and there just isn’t a lot of room for closet space. To dwindle my closet down I went through my closet once and took out all of the stuff I hadn’t worn in over a year. The dress I have for one special occasion, the skirt that doesn’t match anything, the shirt that has that stain but is so cute. They all had to go. I then went through for a second round and weeded out clothes that were similar and clothes that didn’t really match anything in my closet. I knew that I would be riding my bike to work, so anything that didn’t fit that lifestyle was given away. It was hard. I had a lot of cute clothes that I loved. The truth was I didn’t have room for them and I didn’t need them all.

Hope: I can't help but think that living in such a small space will help you to combat materialism. What's your philosophy about spending? I know from our shopping trips together that you are much more budget-conscious than I am (often to my detriment, ha). Are there any creative comforts or personal possessions that you will have a hard time giving up?

Kara: I do like to be thrifty. I especially like thrift store shopping. It gives me the peace of mind that I am helping out the earth. If I am not buying at a thrift store I only buy things that match items of clothing I already have in my closet. Living in a small space does make me think about what I buy. If I don’t have the space for it then I simply can’t buy it.

The hardest thing to leave out of the Airstream was my decorating knick-knacks.  I had so many cool paintings, postcards, brass animals, etc that just didn’t have a place in the Airstream.

Hope: If you were an article of clothing, what would you be and why?

Kara: I’ve really been in to neck scarves/ bandannas lately.  I think I would be one of those. They are a fun accessory that add a little bit of pizzazz to an outfit.

That's all for now loves. What would be the easiest items for you to de-clutter if you were making the move into a radically small space? What would be the hardest items for you to de-clutter? Comment below, my nosy mind wants to know!