What I'm Leaving in 2017

Ok you guys,

I'm finally writing my "New Year New Me" blog post. Why have I waited this long? Let me count the reasons: I'm busy, I'm lazy, I traveled after the Christmas holiday and was exhausted when I got home, it doesn't even feel like a new year to me... the list could go on and on. Regardless, I'm here and I'm ready to share.

Instead of writing out a ton of resolutions, I have decided instead to focus on leaving something behind. I don't want to be a whole new me, I just want to be a better version of myself. And something that I increasingly notice about myself is my outstanding ability to compare myself to those around me and fall disgustingly short, each and every time. 

Hope 1.jpg

If you only remember one thing from this post, I want it to be this: no one has it all together. Least of all me (that should be glaringly obvious since it took me 21 days into the month of January to collect these thoughts).

I don't care what content can be found on someone's Instagram feed or what photos make the Facebook cut, every single person has issues and areas where they can improve and grow. And living in the age of social media has made all of that SO much harder for me to remember. I look at the gorgeous influencers I follow (The Darling Detail, Katey McFarlan, The SToribook), and I get discouraged. I don't own a Gucci or a Chanel handbag. I don't own any white furniture (you guys, HOW do they keep it clean?! Black magic??). I don't have a beautiful vanity or dressing room.

And then, like turning on a lightbulb above my head, the Lord reminds me: my value is NEVER defined by the things I have. That when I chase stuff, I feel more unsatisfied than ever. The Lord always reminds me of all the beautiful people and things I have been blessed with (and that owning white furniture with a toddler boy would surely bring me headaches & heartburn).

Social media can be so deceptive. It rarely shows the struggles and the valleys; only the beautiful, the whitewashed and the airbrushed. Who doesn't want to put their best foot forward, I get it. But it's an edited existence. It's perception not reality.

So this year, I want to leave comparison behind. I know I'll mess up (I already have), but it's exhausting to live my life wishing for what someone else has. I want to enjoy every moment of MY life to the fullest. And I'm certainly not doing that when I'm zeroed in on someone else's. 

What are your 2018 goals? Comment below; I love when we inspire each other!