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I'm just gonna say it: reading is hot.

Have I mentioned I have the best #InstagramHusband?

Have I mentioned I have the best #InstagramHusband?

There you have it. I'm a super nerd. Loud and proud! I'll say it again for the people in the back: I like to read. I always prefer fiction, because I love to escape into my imagination, but a great self-improvement or parenting book is also usually on my list. So here's some of my recent discoveries, maybe you'll check out one or two of these, maybe you'll check out all of them. Knock yourself out kid!

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I LERV getting new book recommendations, so please leave all your new (and old) favorites in the comments! If getting excited about going to the book store makes me lame, I don't wanna be cool.

Share the literary love: what books are on your reading list?