Dressing for the Holidays

From office parties to festive friend gatherings, we all know how many cute outfits the holiday season requires. Le sigh. Usually I am oh-so-excited by this, but the busyness of late has gotten me panicked and throwing together my outfits last minute. Blech, I hate when fashion becomes a chore! So, to save you some time, below are a few of my favorite trends for the holidays, with links to purchase a few on-trend items below. And if anyone is wondering where the velvet is, it's in the past, along with neon, spandex and sweatbands.

1. Burgundy

I am in love with burgundy. Its rich, warm undertones scream luxury to me. I feel like I am in the minority when I think back to how much I loved the 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala (Pantone 18-1438). Seeing burgundy just evokes images of the theatre (gorgeous stage curtains), the warm colors of fall, and delicious wine.

2. Shimmer

Please Note: I said Shimmer. Can this trend be overdone? Of course. But I just can't deny the festive feel provided by a bit of shimmer and shine!

3. An Unexpected Color Choice

I had to throw this one in the mix. Probably because I wore a simple bright blue sheath dress to my husband's Christmas holiday party, and I guess I'm still sitting here trying to justify it. Ha! I loved the color, although I think I could have found a more flattering silhouette for myself. Alas, my last minute shopping trip yielded me little else. I tried to find the perfect rich, burgundy look or a great shimmer top, but in the end I chose an unexpected color as my statement. I also planned my outfit around the fact that I would be stuck in my winter coat most of the night. Every year, his office party has an inside/outside set-up and with the free booze outside we do a lot of outdoor mingling. Just keepin' it real y'all. 

P.S. While writing this I noticed Ann Taylor is having an amazing sale right now: an extra 60% off Sale items (in store and online).

What are your favorite trends for the holidays?

All Choked Up

Dear Beauties,

I have been on the fence about the latest jewelry trend taking over my timelines: the choker. However I found an amazing steal at Ella Blue (a darling boutique in Boerne) this weekend and had to snatch these up. 

Not a huge fan of leopard print but for such a trendy purchase I figured, why not a silly print?

Not a huge fan of leopard print but for such a trendy purchase I figured, why not a silly print?

So far I have only rocked the black and, surprising for someone with neck insecurities (sometimes I think I have the neck of a turtle), I love it! So here are my current thoughts RE: the choker.

PROS- draws attention to my neck, which is an area I'm starting to be fond of, especially since it remained completely unchanged throughout my pregnancy and post-partum journey. Also, I got to shop local on Small Business Saturday!

CONS- may seemingly cut off the fluidity of my neck (so perhaps not a trend to try for people self-conscious about having a short and/or disappearing neck?).

Below are a few cute chokers from Last Call: Neiman Marcus (all under $25). They have some great Cyber Monday deals happening now. Like this post if you're a fan of the choker trend!